Manual Operated Curtain Tracks

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Manual Operated Curtain Tracks

Manually operated Window Techs curtain rails are available in several varieties: narrow curtain track, wide curtain track and multiple track. Narrow curtain tracks  are suitable for light curtains, wide curtain tracks (are more robust) and can carry larger weights. With multi-track profiles, you can create perfect parallel tracks to combine multiple curtain layers

Window Techs offers you flexibly deployable curtain rails suitable for any type of ceiling or wall. Our wide variety of rail profiles provides solutions for all types of curtains such as lace curtains, transparent curtains, lined curtains and heavy light-opaque fabrics. Quickly and easily installed.


  • One of the bestsellers in our assortment, stable and elegant
  • This curtain track can be easily mounted on either a ceiling or a wall
  • Suitable for sheers to heavy curtains
  • Is often used in combination with a 2200 curtain track; the 2200 is particularly suitable for sheers and the 4800 for main drapes
  • Exceptionally easy to bend


  • The strongest curtain track in our assortment
  • Ideal for all types of sheers and (heavy) curtains
  • The slim, high form of the profile gives it an industrial look
  • Highly popular and used in private homes as well as in professional environments such as office buildings, hotels and care institutions
  • Easy to mount on a wall, ceiling, or as a suspended system
  • Exceptionally easy to bend


  • The Window Techs 6200 track is suitable for practically all curtain fabrics ranging from standard sheers to heavy theatre curtains
  • It can be mounted invisibly on a ceiling using fixing clamps and is also available with various wall supports.
  • It does not matter if heavy or light curtains are hung – they will always slide smoothly and silently in Window Techs 6200 tracks
  • A popular track that can be used in a wide variety of situations, such as private homes, theatres and offices.
  • The ideal track for your sheers, medium-weight or heavy curtains
  • Easy to bend and of exceptional quality.


  • The ideal track for combining sheers and light or medium-weight curtains.
  • The track creates a perfect overlap between curtains.
  • You only have to mount one track to have three rail channels.
  • Because of the low profile height of 8mm, the track is barely visible.
  • Concealed mounting on a ceiling or in a window opening gives a superbly elegant result.
  • Compatible with the Window Techs Flow System for regularly pleated curtains.


  • The design of the Window Techs 2200 track is makes it extremely stable and gives it an elegant look.
  • The ideal track for sheers and light or medium-weight curtains.
  • Used in a wide variety of situations, such as private homes, but also in office buildings and in the care sector.
  • This curtain track can be easily mounted on either a ceiling or a wall.
  • Easy to bend forward or reverse, and of exceptional quality.