Wall Protection System

Yes. All interior wall protection products are supplied with fasteners appropriate for the installation. Steel stud and gypsum is considered standard wall construction. Be sure to specify other wall conditions if applicable. Use of other fasteners will void the product warranty.

Yes, our productrs are having ROHS Certification which is for fire retardant PVC products.

Our flush retainer sits on the finished floor and has a standard snap on aluminum base to allow the cove base to be installed over it. Specify desired height of the snap on aluminum base.

It is recommended that all corner guards start at the top of the cove base height to facilitate floor cleaning.

Acrovyn Corner Guards are available in most degrees for both surface mounted and flush mounted models. For surface and flush mounted corner guards, angles are 45-160°. For stainless steel and aluminum corner guards, angles are 45-178°. For wood corner guards, angles are 45-179°. Consult your local CS representative with specific requirement.

W can do any required size.

4', 8' and 10' (1.2m, 2.4m and 3.0m) are standard heights, with any size up to 20' (6.1m) being available for most Acrovyn models. Contact your local CS representative regarding longer length requirements. Be sure to reference the available heights for specific model(s) of interest.