Insulated Glass Blinds

Our models are categorized with different length. The maximum length of coverage is marked in the model, so you just need to measure the width of coverage for your windows (if the curtain weight is no more than 25 kg). As there is both ends attached to the tracks, the real coverage is 0.1 meter longer than the marked length. For example, HT100-3m is suitable for windows up to 3.1 meters; while HT100-5m is up to 5.1 meters.

Unfortunately this model only apply for straight windows, or those windows with two or more sides are straight.

The maximum load is 25-30 kg depends on the models, so it suits for most home and office windows.

Cardinal's NEAT harnesses the sun's UV rays to loosen dirt so water can rinse it away leaving windows virtually spotless. Your windows will stay cleaner longer and will clean easier. Please visit Cardinal's website for more information about NEAT or watch the video below.

Low-E glass is available as an option for windows or patio doors.

Our Low-E glass is made with an invisible thin metallic soft coating that reduces heat flow. Low-E+ glass is made with two thin metallic soft coatings, that offer additional reduction of heat flow.

Our enclosed blinds have three different widths:

  • Blink 1" raise/lower/tilt (RLT) IG = 12.5 mm aluminum slats
  • Blink 7/8" raise/lower/tilt (RLT-Top) IG = 10.5 mm aluminum slats
  • Blink 7/8" tilt IG = 11.5 mm aluminum slats


Window Techs design fits into many fixed window applications. Our 7/8" product is designed to fit in single and double hung windows. Please refer to our Window Styles for a list of compatible window applications.