Hospital Privacy Curtain

Yes, the system will be configured to open centrally to both end, but it can be changed to open from left to right or from right to left. Please check the user's manual for details.

Our models are easy to customize. You just simply cut the extra length off to meet your requirements.

There are many sizes and types of curtain track available. Track can be manufactured from different materials like enamel-baked aluminum and be bent to your facilities specifications around ceiling obstructions or door swings.

Different types of track:

  • Surface or ceiling mounted track
  • Suspended track from the ceiling

In a large room with open bays, cubicle curtains provide a flexible way to divide the room and allow for privacy. In private or semi-private rooms, cubicle curtains provide privacy without completely closing the door to the attending nurses.

Although the importance of the environment built for patient confidentiality may seem indisputable, only a few studies have directly examined the role of unit design or architecture. Also, even though the trend in many new hospitals is to build private rooms, most hospital rooms are still specified to have cubicle curtains at the entrance of the room.

Cubicle curtains are dividers used to help create private enclosures for patients in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other medical facility environments. They are used to create privacy and help protect a patient’s confidentiality. They can also help prevent the spread of infection and disease throughout a facility. Cubicle curtains may be known as hospital curtains, or as privacy curtains.

Typically, cubicle curtains are hung from the ceiling on a track and reach near to the floor. Cubicle curtains are manufactured following strict health and safety regulations. They are available in various colors and patterns, but according to safety regulations, a cubicle curtain should be made from material that is fire-retardant.

No, cubicle / hospital curtain are made to order and are not returnable. Please measure and order carefully. If you are unsure about a fabric pattern or color, please request a sample before ordering

Yes, all of our hospital/cubicle curtain fabrics are made from 100% inherently flame resistant polyester. They are also washable up to 160° F.

Our nylon mesh has ½" diagonal holes in compliance with current fire code, comes in two colors (white and tusk) and is available in a variety of lengths. You can see examples of our cubicle/hospital curtain mesh in the pictures here. If you have fire sprinklers in your ceiling, fire code requires that your curtain not block the water spraying from an activated sprinkler. The most common solution is to have a mesh heading on the cubicle/hospital curtain.

Yes, we can mail you a sample cutting of the fabric(s) you are considering. Since we have so many pattern and color combinations, we do ask that you narrow down your selections to a maximum of five samples per request.

We recommend the cubicle / hospital curtain be at least 10 percent wider than the track size. For example, for a 10-ft. track, we recommend an 11-ft. curtain. The extra 10 percent in width provides enough fabric so when the curtain is hanging its not flat like a sheet and doesn't pull away from the other end. Most hospital/cubicle curtains finish approximately 12" above the floor so they provide privacy but are out of the way for floor cleaning. Keep in mind our curtains are made to order so if you don't see the size you want online, please contact us for pricing. We will make the curtain to whatever size specifications you need.