Fire Curtain

Yes, it usually comes in rolls of 25 or 50 metres long by 1.2 or 1.5 metres wide. The immediate availability is dependent upon stock levels. Cost per square metre will depend upon the integrity of the fabric. 


Check the control panel and it should state which company installed it. We are able to provide maintenance only on our own fire curtain systems. Unfortunately we cannot help with any other systems. Please contact our head office is you are unsure who installed your fire curtain.

Yes, we offer a 12 month guarantee with our product (as long as it’s a mechanical fault). After that a maintenance program can be offered and this is quoted as the amount for us to send a technician to site. Our engineers would come out once a year to the property to make sure the fire curtain(s) runs okay. We will test the equipment off the alarm; we will change the batteries on the control panel and check the motor limits. When complete, we’ll send through a Service & Maintenance certificate via email. Once the service and maintenance annual check has been carried out the working units are guaranteed for 12 months thereafter.

The weight of the fire curtains depend on the individual width, height and material used. Please contact us on 01163527223 and a member of our sales team will be able to inform you of the weight for your specific requirements.

The smallest curtain size we can offer is 700mm wide. Please contact us if there are special requirements.

The side guides, top box and bottom rail can be painted to any standard RAL colour. White is the most popular but we can do any RAL colour that is specified in order to match the surroundings within the property.

Override switches allow people to pass through the curtain whilst the fire alarm is still in active mode. Pressing the switch rolls the curtain back up allowing safe passage through the curtain. Once the switch has been released the curtain will descend to the floor, ensuring the fire integrity is not compromised.

The connection to the alarm is a normally closed, volt-free connection system and our control panel is 24 volts. The fire alarm system will need to be able to work with our low voltage control panels. If the fire alarm panel or detector is mains powered a relay will need to be put in place to ensure the fire curtain control panel does not blow a fuse. The only thing we don’t do during the installation is to connect to an already existing fire alarm system. The electrician or fire alarm technician will connect the alarm to the panel and our installers will advise on site how to do this. If the smoke or heat detector is provided by Smoke & Fire Curtains Ltd then our installers will made the connection to the alarm.

No, unfortunately we only provide the vertical fire curtains. We may look to add it to our portfolio of products in the future but there is not too much demand for them at the moment.

In case of a false alarm, once the signal is lost to our control panel the fire curtains will automatically retract. Please note that if the fire curtain is set to automatically retract the key switch provided will be made redundant, so cannot be used in order to test the functioning of the fire curtain. The fire alarm will have to be set off in order to test the fire curtain.