Curtain Tracks

Dual-track will need two sets of our system so each of them can operate individually. But you could use one remote to control both of them.

Our curtain system should automatically stop when fully opened or closed. If it fails, you must tighten the tension of the steel wire following the user manual. Make sure to first tighten the wire before adjusting the hexagon at the end.

We are specialist in manufacturing the electric curtain system. However, our chosen curtains may be not your best choice. Moreover, you could re-use your traditional curtains simply attaching them to our curtain tracks.

It almost includes all the parts and accessories for the electric curtain system except for the curtain fabric. Please see more details from the Parts & Accessories.

The 84003 and 84004 ball bearing carrier tracks are probably your best choice. The ball bearing carriers move very smoothly, and the range of accessories including master carriers sets and batons provide you with the most flexibility to configure a system to meet your needs.

The 6100 flexible curtain track is ideally suited for bay windows, or other areas where bends to arcs are needed. Because it comes coiled, there is no need to splice sections of track together with this system, thus eliminating seams that can sometimes cause carrier jams.

We have two good options for your consideration. Take a look at the 4108 aluminum track which can be hand bent to form any angle while only requiring a 2 inch bend radius. The 6100 flexible curtain track is another option that comes coiled and will readily form arcs, bends, and angles to meet your needs. We also offer the 4185 beaded chain drops in three lengths to allow the shower curtains to be lowered from the ceiling track, and those can be shorted as needed by the customer.

We certainly do. The 84003 and 84004 ball bearing carrier tracks and accessories are the same durable systems you see in most hotels. They offer great performance and value and come highly recommended as one of our most popular curtain track systems. We offer kits that include all the hardware you would need for an 8 foot track, or you can purchase the items individually as well.

The best option is to try to match one of the carrier styles that we offer to an existing carrier. If you don’t have an existing compatible carrier, find the track style that most closely matches the dimensions of the existing track, and review the compatible carriers to find a match that best meets your needs.

No. Particular track styles will only accommodate a certain subset of compatible accessories. Use the information provided on the Website to confirm that a given accessory is compatible with the track you have selected.