Cord Operated Curtain Tracks

Dual-track will need two sets of our system so each of them can operate individually. But you could use one remote to control both of them.

We have two good options for your consideration. Take a look at the 4108 aluminum track which can be hand bent to form any angle while only requiring a 2 inch bend radius. The 6100 flexible curtain track is another option that comes coiled and will readily form arcs, bends, and angles to meet your needs. We also offer the 4185 beaded chain drops in three lengths to allow the shower curtains to be lowered from the ceiling track, and those can be shorted as needed by the customer.

No. Particular track styles will only accommodate a certain subset of compatible accessories. Use the information provided on the Website to confirm that a given accessory is compatible with the track you have selected.

Many of the tracks can be mounted end to end for wider applications. Some systems offer splicers (e.g. 84003, 4108, 88001 tracks) that aid in the alignment, while others are simply mounted end to end for wider applications. The 6100 flexible track can be purchased in coiled sections up to 164 foot continuous length of track. You should be cautious not to select a track that is too light for a given application. If you are unsure of the best choice, one of the advisers will be happy to assist you.

By clicking on the detailed profile for a given track, you will see the primary accessories that are compatible displayed below the detailed description and images of the particular track.

There are several tools available on the website that can help you to select the right track system to meet your needs. The Applications section recommends popular options for a given use. You will also notice that the tracks are listed in subcategories such as wall mount, ceiling mount, aluminum, plastic, and flexible tracks. Finally, if the information provided in the site is not sufficient, please call us or email us with detailed information and we will be happy to make a recommendation and provide specifications for a full drapery hardware solutions.

The LG-034 is not predrilled with holes, but we do supply it with screw nails. We supply 6 nails for 4' (1.2m), 8 nails for 8' (2.4m) and 16 nails for 10' (3.0m). The spacing will be determined by the installer and the nails can be used without predrilling holes.