Frequently Asked Questions

All of Cubicle Curtain Factory's privacy curtains and Simply 66® snap curtains meet all local, state and federal fire codes, and are intrinsically fire-retardant for the life of the fabric. This means that the flame resistant properties cannot be washed out, worn out or removed from the privacy curtains or Simply 66® snap cubicle curtains. Not all cubicle curtain polyester fabrics comply with the required NFPA 701 fire code.

The LG-034 is not predrilled with holes, but we do supply it with screw nails. We supply 6 nails for 4' (1.2m), 8 nails for 8' (2.4m) and 16 nails for 10' (3.0m). The spacing will be determined by the installer and the nails can be used without predrilling holes.

Due to the compact nature of the product, Smoke & Fire Curtains Ltd products can be installed unobtrusively, almost anywhere. They are not a product designed to be seen and therefore tend to be concealed within the ceiling void, above the false ceiling. Due to their compact size, they can also be incorporated into structural steel works, beams and other architectural finishes.

Acrovyn Corner Guards are available in most degrees for both surface mounted and flush mounted models. For surface and flush mounted corner guards, angles are 45-160°. For stainless steel and aluminum corner guards, angles are 45-178°. For wood corner guards, angles are 45-179°. Consult your local CS representative with specific requirement.

Yes. All interior wall protection products are supplied with fasteners appropriate for the installation. Steel stud and gypsum is considered standard wall construction. Be sure to specify other wall conditions if applicable. Use of other fasteners will void the product warranty.

Yes, all of our hospital/cubicle curtain fabrics are made from 100% inherently flame resistant polyester. They are also washable up to 160° F.

No. Particular track styles will only accommodate a certain subset of compatible accessories. Use the information provided on the Website to confirm that a given accessory is compatible with the track you have selected.

Yes.  Cubicle Curtain Factory offers cubicle curtain installation and hospital track installation services throughout the USA.  Just let us know you would like a quote for installation services along with your quote for medical curtains and cubicle track. 

No, you cannot bend the hospital/cubicle curtain track it is manufactured from rigid anodized aluminum. If you attempt to bend the track yourself, the channel will compress so the rollers will not operate freely.

Yes, the hospital/cubicle curtain track is aluminum and can be cut with a hack saw or electric chop saw.