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Panel Blinds

Window Techs panel blinds perfectly supplement reduced and puristic interior furnishings. They are particularly suitable for floor-to-ceiling windows and large window fronts, in order to dose the incidence of light there. This system can be equipped with a different number of panels, different panel widths and various hanging variants, entirely in accordance with the individual planning and architectural conditions.

The technical system consists of an aluminium rail in which the fabric panels are guided. Each individual fabric panel can be removed easily for replacement or cleaning thanks to hook and loop tape technology. In this way the widest variety of effects can be achieved with the most diverse fabric transparencies or coordinated colours. In addition to their functional properties, Window Techs panel blinds can decisively contribute to the overall stylistic statement of a room.

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Key Features
– Tailor-made according to your wishes
– Shading of large window areas
– Also used for making a room partition
– Unis and patterns colour-coordinated
– Wide range of qualities and colours for individual colour combinations
– Technically equipped fabrics for the most divert areas of application
– Hardware in RAL colours possible