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Automatic Fire Curtain

Imagine fire in our building. When fire breaks, most of the casualties happen due to smoke poisoning. In such circumstances it is essential to guide the smoke towards natural or mechanical extracting system or windows. This can be realized by movable Fire & Smoke Curtains which divides Industrial Halls, Airports, Shopping Centers and Parking lots in defined sub area to enable people find their way to the emergency exits.

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These curtains get activated by the signal from fire or smoke detectors or Building management system and automatically roll down, hence creating a secured passage. The drop-down is down by gravity fail-safe system without any electrical power supply, thus by using fire-and-smoke curtains you can avoid these areas of the building to get smoky. In a normal situation these system are hidden in the parking position and can be easily integrated in the architecture.


– Roll down the passage to make safe exit
– Automatically activated by the signal from the smoke or fire detector
– Safe than heavy and dangerous steel roller shutters
– Works even on power faliure
– Far less wear & tear and less maintenance than steel shutters
– Looks more attractive and do blend into the building structure
– Complying with and more than meets the existing fire regulations
– Can incorporate controls to allow teh curtains fire regulations
– 2to4 hours integrity and fire resistance performance
– Tested for fire resistance from either or both directions
– Allow escape of occupants and entry for emergency services through and under the curtain
– 24V operation with battery backup

Area of usage

– Airports
– Cinema Halls
– Hospitals
– Corporate Offices
– Exhibition Halls
– Metro/ Railway Stations
– Industrial Units
– Amusement Parks
– Shopping Malls
– Defence Establishments
– Hotels
– Residential
– Educational Institutes
– Auditoriums
– Bus terminals
– Govt. & other buildings

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